is a zine by me, Jules Bentley,
comprised of troubling personal writing unavailable anywhere else.

(Cat shown for scale)

It's a great zine overall.
36pp of exquisitely unpleasant prose -- maybe my best ever--
with a metallic-sparkle screenprinted cover feat. art by Ben Passmore.

It was created for 2015's NOCAZ, and is available NOW for MAILORDER via Sisters in Christ!
Yes I know shipping is brutal. Buy a cassette or a Thou totebag to make it more worth your while.

You can also buy a copy in person at the Defend New Orleans store on Magazine & First,
Sisters in Christ, a record shoppe on Freret St., or Euclid Records on Chartres downtown.

It's a fundraiser zine for SycDis (Sycamore Distro) to raise money for electrical wiring.

There are not that many left so don't miss outttt.

"The Only Good Cop Is You Copping This Dope-Ass Zine"